He went away during the war, the big one, World War II. 
The day he came home from that war, I did everything in my 
power to get sick at school so that they would let me go home 
early to see him again.
My uncle Sol was a hero.  Perhaps he wasn't everyone's hero, 
in the way that heroes are often  remembered, but
he was MY HERO. 

The photos below were taken just before and
right after my uncle went into the service.
In the photo on the left, he is standing with his foot on 
the running board of a Willy's Overland.
The photo on the right was taken soon after he enlisted 
in the service.  He is standing with his parents.
He was 18 years old.
Even when I was a baby, we spent time together.  I was always a "handful"  to carry around.
This is my uncle and me in front of the house he lived in.  See the "scary" dog in the window?
Uncle Sol sent this photo to me with this inscription on the back.  It may have been for my birhday bacause it is dated in June.  Unfortunately, the rest of the date has been lost.
This photo shows my
uncle after he got his 
commission as a
second lieutenant.
He attended Officer's 
Candidate School at 
Fort, Benning, Georgia.
I am not sure of the date on which this picture was taken. 

 I believe, however, that  it was taken before he received his commission.