*Information Sought*
In an effort to accurately describe the service of my uncle during World War II, 
I have attempted to locate as much information as I could.  However, because 
of the passage of time and the unavailability of certain data, I have been unable 
to place him in a particular division, regiment or unit at any moment 
in time.  I have, however, gathered some relevant information and 
would appreciate any help that you can provide. 

He was born Solomon James Horowitz on January 17, 1918 in the Bronx, New York.
He died at the age of 37 in 1955 in Queens, New York.

I can be contacted at 
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I believe that the two photos on the left were taken at Fort Riley,  Kansas(?) I am not sure of the year.  However, it may have been about 1941.  Below is a closeup of the shoulder insignia on his left arm and a color photo of the 9th division "octofoil" patch which seems to match. 



This photo was taken at
Fort Lewis in Washington state in 1943.


The two photos on the right show 
a shoulder insignia which when enlarged seems to resemble the 
patch worn by the 44th Infantry Division. 


Although the article below is not in excellent shape, it does seem to indicate that my uncle spent some time at Camp Phillips in Kansas.


The "Encyclopedia of Historic 
Forts" describes it as a world war II           encampment. Camp Phillips was established in the latter part of 1942 and named in honor of Colonel William A. Phillips, one of the co-founders of the city of Salina, Saline County, in 1858. The post was used as a training center until its closing in the fall of 1944. However, in "From River Ferries To Interchanges", it says that, "in the spring of 1942,  quiet,  peaceful, Smolan was stunned by rumors that a military camp would  be constructed nearby. Rumor became reality.  During World War II this little village was a center of much activity while Camp Phillips was constructed and served as a training camp until the war ended in 1945."

The chart below indicates when and where my uncle served.
I have attempted to document the information (to the best of my knowledge),
through the use of annotated photographs .
1941 (?) Fort Riley, KS March 15, 1945 France
(?????) O.C.S. 
Fort Benning, GA
March 17, 1945 France
February 16, 1943 San Francisco, CA March 20, 1945 Woelfling, France
November 28, 1943 Fort Lewis, WA March 1945 Germany
October 5, 1944 France April 1945 Austria
December 15, 1944 France April 1945 Fussen, Germany
February 1945 France April 1945 Bavaria
February 1945 Paris, France April 1945 Evacuation Hospital, Germany
March 10, 1945 France June 1945 Brenner Pass, Austria/Italy

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