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Pink Noses .
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This little guy was the only puppy left in a litter of nine that no one wanted.  He was the only one that would not come to you.  When the puppies all played, he was always the one on the bottom of the pile crying.  His mother even would push him around to get him motivated.   We decided to get him!   After having him for two weeks and taking him everywhere,  he is learning to be a social butterfly and has come a very long way.  We are looking forward to a long happy life with this guy!  We love him so much! 

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My name is Dakota.  I have to say my mamma and daddy sure know how to pick them.  When they saw me, they knew I was the right one to run the house for them.  My pink nose gets me out of trouble a lot, and I am in it a lot.  I am 6 months old now and I am 50 pounds.  I let the cats win some of the time.  I am happy to see there is a lot of us that is proud to be a pink nose .

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